kiPas read-only Beta version release for desktop

October 11th, 2011 § 1 Comment

Here we go, progress on kiPas is now going slower because I started a new full time job, and while the final version is still not ready for a release on App World, I thought I’d give out a Beta version for users who are eager to test functionnality, and hopefully give a bit of feedback about what they’d expect to be fixed for the final release.

As the release process on RIM’s AppWorld is a bit too complicated for a Beta, I decided to leverage Adobe AIR’s portability to give you a Beta release that’s basically exactly the same as what you would get on the PlayBook, except that this one will run on your desktop computer, Windows or Mac (not sure about linux, let me know).

This beta version is read-only, which means all DB creation, editing and saving features are disabled. Also Twofish encoded KeePass DB are not supported yet. So far, only KeePass 1.2 series databases are supported, KeePass v2 will come later.

To install the Beta on your desktop, just click on the Adobe AIR install badge below, this will also download and install Adobe AIR for you in case you don’t have it yet on your computer.

The Beta was updated, new version here: kiPas Beta updated

Hope you enjoy the app, and don’t be afraid to drop a comment :-)

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