BB DevCon Amsterdam

January 30th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

I will be at the BlackBerry DevCon in Amsterdam next week!!

I’m very excited about it as it is the first dev conference I’m attending, I have registered to most sessions dealing with Adobe AIR and Web HTML 5 development, I will also attend most of the “Ask the experts” sessions, hoping to get a few clues to improve my apps. So if you will be in Amsterdam for the BB DevCon, just drop a comment :-)

To come back to apps, I hope I will be able to release just a bugfix version of kiPas before DevCon, and this will probably be the last version for PlayBook OS1, the next one will focus on compatibility with OS2, depending on what comes out of DevCon, I’m thinking about revamping the UI completely to abandon Flex… But the main focus for now is performance, I already made good progress, and the gain is really significant, so I will try to port all the cryptographic and hash computation to ANE. In any case, I will post an update for PlayBook OS2 release.

For OSCream, I’m also thinking about ANE to add support for OSC messages over UDP, this would make it easier to connect to OSC clients as most of them communicate over UDP, also, it would allow to connect to them without the need for OSCream Server to forward messages between TCP and UDP.

So stay tuned for updates, and maybe see you at BlackBerry DevCon!

OSCream lands on Android

January 8th, 2012 § 1 Comment

Rejoice, Android Monome fans!

I finally found the time to release a working Beta of OSCream Monome and Monome Arc emulator for Android devices, it works quite well on my Samsung Galaxy S2, but I believe you would need quite a powerful device to run the application, in any case your Android device needs to be capable of running Adobe AIR.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, let me know how it works!

Monome Arc surfaces for OSCream

April 12th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

I have made good progress with the monome arc emulator for OSCream, actually I now have a working BETA, some small improvements still need to be made with the UI, also I’m not sure where and how to handle the encoder click (now I have simply put a separate button under the encoder), but the arc is already playable. In fact it even seems to be working quite good as far as I can tell on the PlayBook Simulator, I have played it with Stretta’s Electric Dharma Wheels, as well as other Arc instrument patches, the screenshot below is running Plates for Arc4.

OSCream 0.3 BETA, Arc4 running Plates

OSCream published on BlackBerry AppWorld

March 24th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

I did it!

I just finished the submission process for the first version of OSCream for BlackBerry PlayBook. Now waiting for approval from AppWorld.

It has been quite challenging to learn development for a new platform, I had never used Adobe Flex nor ActionScript before, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you’ll enjoy the application too :-)

Shortly, OSCream is intended to be a multi-usage OSC remote controller, ideally something like a lemur. Right now it only supports one simple surface, though very rich in possibility, MN8x8 is in fact a Monome 64 emulator, I have tested it with various Monnome application on MAX and PureData and I’m very happy with the results, I had never had a chance to use a Monome before so this was really all new to me.

Well it’s quite late here so I’ll leave it here for today, I wish OSCream good luck on RIM’s AppWorld and hope it will have many more surfaces to play with in a near future.

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