kiPas 1.1.0

February 12th, 2012 § 5 Comments

Finally submitted kiPas 1.1.0 to AppWorld!

While this release won’t bring too many new features to the end user, it is a significant release for several reasons:

First of all, the cryptographic functions have been entirely recoded, all of the hashing and decryption is now made in native code, this was the big change I wanted to complete before adding any new features. What does it bring? far better performances, specially when it comes to handling huge databases or big numbers for Key Encoding Rounds. With the previous pure AS3 implementation, a DB over 3MB with Key Encoding Rounds above 50000 could easily take a few minutes to decrypt and open, now with the Native implementation, this takes just a second, which feels a lot better, right? Performance was a major issue to me, and I encountered several difficulties while trying to solve this, after a visit at BBDevCon Europe last week, I finally got the answers I missed to finish this, and I can now go back to improving kiPas.

This release will also be the last one to support PlayBook OS1, with the imminent release of PlayBook OS2, I will now be focusing on redesigning the UI for a better look and feel, and added functionality (hint: search is next on the list), what I have seen of the new upcoming messaging app UI at BBDevCon convinced me it could be way better, and I plan to do it with BB10 phones forward compatibility in mind.

Finally, it brings in a few fixes and improvements:
– It is now possible to open the DataBase directly by pressing the keyboard Return key after filling the password.
– The Notes field was displaying extra line breaks, this has been fixed.
– The bug where two entries would display instead of just one when switching between apps has been fixed.

kiPas 1.0 for PlayBook

December 1st, 2011 § 14 Comments

Finally it’s here!

The much-anticipated KiPas 1.0.0 for PlayBook has been submitted to BlackBerry AppWorld.
The PlayBook now have a real KeePass application to manage passwords, this comes in handy to compensate the browser’s lack of password manager.
With KeePass, you can fully decrypt and safely read your KeePass 1.xx DB on the PlayBook, allows easy copy/paste of your passwords.
I tested this version at length and you can safely use it to read your KeePass DB without risking any corruption or loss of your data.
This first version is read-only and doesn’t supports KeePass 2.0 databases.
Early birds will get the app at a special discount price of 1$, so go get it soon!

Try it before you buy, download the app compiled for your PC/MAC desktop by clicking the AIR install badge below:

Please upgrade your Flash Player

Open KeePass 1.xx format databases.
Supports Rijndael encryption, not Twofish.
UI specially designed for tablets.
Easy copy/paste of usernames, passwords and URL from the KeePass DB to any application using standard PlayBook ClipBoard.
Browse your databases entries through a full groups and subgroups tree.
Visualise your databases groups and passwords creation/access/change log data.

OSCream published on BlackBerry AppWorld

March 24th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

I did it!

I just finished the submission process for the first version of OSCream for BlackBerry PlayBook. Now waiting for approval from AppWorld.

It has been quite challenging to learn development for a new platform, I had never used Adobe Flex nor ActionScript before, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you’ll enjoy the application too :-)

Shortly, OSCream is intended to be a multi-usage OSC remote controller, ideally something like a lemur. Right now it only supports one simple surface, though very rich in possibility, MN8x8 is in fact a Monome 64 emulator, I have tested it with various Monnome application on MAX and PureData and I’m very happy with the results, I had never had a chance to use a Monome before so this was really all new to me.

Well it’s quite late here so I’ll leave it here for today, I wish OSCream good luck on RIM’s AppWorld and hope it will have many more surfaces to play with in a near future.

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