kiPas 1.0 for PlayBook

December 1st, 2011 § 14 Comments

Finally it’s here!

The much-anticipated KiPas 1.0.0 for PlayBook has been submitted to BlackBerry AppWorld.
The PlayBook now have a real KeePass application to manage passwords, this comes in handy to compensate the browser’s lack of password manager.
With KeePass, you can fully decrypt and safely read your KeePass 1.xx DB on the PlayBook, allows easy copy/paste of your passwords.
I tested this version at length and you can safely use it to read your KeePass DB without risking any corruption or loss of your data.
This first version is read-only and doesn’t supports KeePass 2.0 databases.
Early birds will get the app at a special discount price of 1$, so go get it soon!

Try it before you buy, download the app compiled for your PC/MAC desktop by clicking the AIR install badge below:

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Open KeePass 1.xx format databases.
Supports Rijndael encryption, not Twofish.
UI specially designed for tablets.
Easy copy/paste of usernames, passwords and URL from the KeePass DB to any application using standard PlayBook ClipBoard.
Browse your databases entries through a full groups and subgroups tree.
Visualise your databases groups and passwords creation/access/change log data.

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