OSCream discontinued

April 20th, 2014 § Leave a Comment

BlackBerry recently announced that the Adobe AIR platform won’t be supported anymore on BB10 in the next update of the OS, BB10.3.

Therefore, it makes no sense for me to keep maintaining OSCream as it is now, maintaining an Adobe AIR app that could only run on Android, especially given the restrictions of the AIR platform (no support for UDP, that’s why OSCream server was required).

So OSCream has already been removed from the Android Play store. It will stay for a bit longer on the BlackBerry AppWorld, but it won’t be upgraded anymore, and obviously it won’t be running on the new BB10.3 OS update.

I’m planning to rewrite it from scratch, under a new name to avoid confusion, the first platform to see this new version will be iOS, then maybe Android.

Découvrez “OSCream”

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OSCream lands on Android

January 8th, 2012 § 1 Comment

Rejoice, Android Monome fans!

I finally found the time to release a working Beta of OSCream Monome and Monome Arc emulator for Android devices, it works quite well on my Samsung Galaxy S2, but I believe you would need quite a powerful device to run the application, in any case your Android device needs to be capable of running Adobe AIR.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, let me know how it works!

Monome Arc surfaces for OSCream

April 12th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

I have made good progress with the monome arc emulator for OSCream, actually I now have a working BETA, some small improvements still need to be made with the UI, also I’m not sure where and how to handle the encoder click (now I have simply put a separate button under the encoder), but the arc is already playable. In fact it even seems to be working quite good as far as I can tell on the PlayBook Simulator, I have played it with Stretta’s Electric Dharma Wheels, as well as other Arc instrument patches, the screenshot below is running Plates for Arc4.

OSCream 0.3 BETA, Arc4 running Plates

Tutorial: getting started with OSCream on the BlackBerry PlayBook

March 30th, 2011 § 20 Comments

This tutorial will help you get started with OSCream on your PlayBook. At the end of this tutorial you will have installed a Monome application on your computer, learned how to configure OSCreamServer on your computer and OSCream on the PlayBook. You will have learned the basics of using a monome to play music.


  • A BlackBerry PlayBook
  • A computer (win or mac will do)
  • Both of the above connected on the same WIFI network
  • Download OSCreamServer
  • Download Max runtime environment – the Max runtime is available for free
  • Download Stretta’s Press Café version 2.1 for monomeserial

Install a Monome Application (Stretta’s Press Café for Max/MSP)

Download and install the Max5 runtime environment. We need it to run Press Cafe.

Unzip Press cafe to the directory of your choice, run the application by launching the file _Press Cafe.maxpat, this will launch Press Cafe inside the Max5 Runtime.

Press Cafe

Press Cafe application running in Max5 Runtime. Note the prefix in the upper right hand corner.

Connect OSCreamServer

  1. Run OSCream Server on your computer, if your JAVA runtime environment is properly configured, just doubleclicking the OSCreamServer.jar file will launch the app, no need to install anything.
  2. You can leave all the default values, in the PlayBook TCP connection part, note the Port number. Click the Connect button.

OSCreamServer on Windows 7

Connect the PlayBook

  1. Run OSCream on your PlayBook, Swipe-Down the configuration menu from the top of the screen.
  2. In the host field, enter your computer’s IP address
  3. In the port field, enter the port as seen in OSCreamServer Playbook TCP connection section (8090 if you kept the default settings)
  4. In the prefix field type “/press_cafe” as seen in the upper right hand corner of the Press Cafe application.
  5. Switch the connection ON.
  6. Press any button on the PlayBook, hear the music played on your computer by Press Cafe :-)
PlayBook Press Cafe

Press Cafe being played on the blackBerry PlayBook

Going further

The Monome website is the best place to find lots of information about everything Monome. It has a special page referencing all monome applications.

Learn more about the Open Sound Control protocol on opensoundcontrol.org

For this tutorial, we relied on Max/MSP, having the Max/MSP runtime environment set up is a great plus as as many good monome application are running on Max/MSP. But there are many other software that can be used to interface with the Monome. Pure Data is an open source equivalent of Max/MSP, Chuck is a music oriented programming language, or you can start programming your own Monome application in the language of your choice :-)

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