Progress on KiPas

September 26th, 2011 § 3 Comments

Just an update about status of KiPas:

DB decrypting and encrypting is done, supports all password and/or keyfile method, support will be limited to KeePass 1.40 series for a start, also only AES is supported now, I will try to have TwoFish done as soon as possible, but I don’t wan’t to delay the release too much, so if TwoFish encryption is not ready for release in beginning of October, it will come in a later update.

As of now, editing is still not possible, though this is only a UI matter, as I said, encryption and saving is coded, so for the first release (wich I expect to be around beginning October) there will be support for creating and editing KeePass databases.

I have rewritten the user interface in Flex, so I am now aiming KiPas not only for the PlayBook, but also Android tablets and iPad, and eventually AIR Desktop versions, though the priority remains on the PlayBook.

I baked a few screenshots from the Beta, taken from the real-world PlayBook (I love how you can take screenshots by simply pushig both volume keys on the PB) nothing really exciting yet, but it shows the DB Browser, an entry displayed and the open DB screen, I will add skins to make it look nicer.

KiPass Beta Welcome Screen on the PlayBook

KiPass Beta Welcome Screen on the PlayBook

Typing Password

Typing Password

Display an Entry

Display an Entry


Introducing kiPas: a KeePass client for the Playbook

September 14th, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lately I’ve been working extensively at porting an app I was badly missing on the PlayBook: KeePass.

For those not familiar with it, KeePass is a password management tool that allows to generate random passwords, and keep them safe and organized in a securely encrypted database, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering your passwords again.

I named the app kiPas, as it is not affiliated with the original application, the beta version is coming allong nicely and I expect a first release by the end of September.

I already have full decrypting of DB done, supporting password and/or key file authentication, and I can finally copy-paste usernames and passwords on the PlayBook, I’ll add editing password entries, and polish the user interface (right now this is a bit ugly) and it will be good for a beta release.

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